“Ceskoslovensky Dopravak“ is the largest technical journal about the public transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was founded in 2002 and since that time it has strengthened its position as the best partner for transport authorities, operators, producers, service providers and technical public in general. The journal is published every other month with a break during summer (which means in total 5 issues per year). 

“Ceskoslovensky Dopravak” is a proud partner of UITP, and the Association of the Public Transport Operators of the Czech Republic (SDP ČR) as well as of some important local events (trade fairs “Czechbus” and “Czech Raildays”, conferences “Smart and Healthy Municipal Public Transport” and trade fair “Transexpo” in Poland, etc.). The distribution of the journal is ensured by a network of shops located in important railway stations, in specialist stores, by subscription and on board LEO Express trains.

The articles, published in Czech or Slovak, deal with different relevant topics in the field of public transport and are grouped into five main sections – News, Vehicles, Technology, Urbanism and History. Each issue has over 90 pages in color and its publication is always the result of an extensive work of a qualified team of experts. 

Therefore, “Ceskoslovensky Dopravak” is the best ally for your entrance into the Czech market. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

e-mail: redakce@cs-dopravak.cz
phone: +420 775 411 475


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